Jurassic World  was critical darling and box office success that reinvigorated Steven Spielberg’s original film and franchise that had a sloppy 2nd and 3rd outing that didn’t come any where close to the original’s movie magic. 

With great success comes sequels and this case is no different  as  after Jurassic World pulled in a staggering $1.670 billion at the box office,  plans to make Jurassic World into a trilogy were revealed to the masses.  The only thing we know at this point about the upcoming sequel is that  director Colin Trevorrow has stepped down from directing in order to focus on scripting as well as producing duties. J.A. Bayona who is known for directing A Monster Calls  has promised that the sequel will be “more suspenseful” and will run amok with “Animatronic as well as CG effect”. He recently  told Spanish media outlet  Agencia EFE : 

” It will be darker and scarier than the previous film. Obviously when you have Chris Pratt it will also be very funny. But it will be darker. It is a second step in a trilogy, and the second step is always dark as in ‘ The Empire Strikes Back or the “Wrath of Khan”  which are the examples you always get. The film takes the story where it has never been before. To me it surprised me. We are going to places where the saga has never been before, and at the same time we are paying tribute to the franchise. We will take it a step further. There are things that will happen that people are not expecting and they really are shocking.” 

The former director, Colin Trevorrow who is now involved as a writer and producer in  Jurassic World 2 also stated that the movies themes will act as an allegory for animal abuse by using the treatment of dinosaurs as an example. This sort of focus will definitely make the movie darker in tone. Be that  as it may I’m really looking forward to seeing this sequel.  Jurassic World 2 is set for a June 22, 2018 release. 


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