DC seems to have made the right move  selecting  Joe Manganiello to play Deathstroke in the upcoming Ben Affleck directed solo Batman movie titled The Batman as fans are loving  his inclusion.  Asides from Affleck , Manganiello & J.K. Simmons , no other casting details or plot elements have emerged for the solo outing  so far.  Despite the scarce details, Anna Kendrick recently expressed interest in the project and even lobbied Ben Affleck for a female Robin role in The Batman. Even though this might have come out as a joke knowing Anna Kendrick’s playful mannerisms off camera, she received one major boost from the man who is set to be the villain in the film , Deathstroke. 

Joe Manganiello recently took to his Instagram account to show support for Kendrick’s entry into the DCEU as Robin. While attending the Moehegan Sun’s Casino’s 20th anniversary event , the two posed for a cheeky photo. What is really interesting is the caption underneath it as it state ” #Deathstroke and #robin

#Deathstroke and #Robin #MoheganSun20

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Is  Manganiello hinting something ? Affleck who is directing  and reprising his role as the caped crusader has been pretty tight-lipped about the project as he has not revealed if any variation of Robin will show up. We have no clue if the film will  be based on  “Under The Red Hood” story line seeing that Jason Todd in the DCEU has already been killed by the Joker.  Though the idea of a female Robin isn’t out of the question either  as Zack Synder lifted elements from Frank Miller’s ” The Dark Knight Returns”  and implemented them into the infamous Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. So it is not out of the realms of possibility that Ben Affleck could do the same. Maybe we should take this with a grain of salt as kendrick has also expressed interest in playing Marvel’s Squirrel Girl and at this point we can’t tell if she is serious .  The Batman is currently without a release date.


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