Directed by: – Aniedi Awah

Produced by: – Bovi Ugboma

Starring: – Bovi Ugboma , Ini Dima-Okojie, Shaffy Bello , Toni Jones, Gregory Ojefua, Enajite Dede, Adunni Ade, Amanda, Omoni Oboli

Runtime:- 100 minutes ( 1hr 40mins)

… And She Will Kill For It.

As a man in his early 20s I can’t even begin to imagine the financial implications and stress I would have to go through planning my eventual wedding day with Mrs. Nwokedi whoever she may be. But one thing I do know from going to a lot of weddings, is that in Nigeria, having a simple ceremony with a few guests rarely happens or happens at all and will most likely be frowned upon. I’m going to go on limb here and say that most guys don’t even have much of a say in planning stages and will probably only be involved when it comes to footing some of the bill and having their say on who to invite to the wedding. And from my short assumption It’s Her Day looks to shed a comedic light on the topic of marriage and the state of Nigerian weddings in today’s society.

Victor ( Bovi Ugboma) & Nichole (Ini

Victor ( Bovi Ugboma) & Nichole (Ini Dima-Okojie)  have different ideas for their wedding  day. 

It’s Her Day follows soon-to-be wed couple Victor Smith (Bovi Ugboma) & Nichole Hernandez (Ini Dima-Okojie). these two come from a completely different background which as a result means they both have different ideals on their wedding. Victor believes the wedding should be simple and fun, however Nichole as well as her family want a dream wedding with over a 1000 guests, big stars performing there and it to be featured on all the blogs like Bella Naija and TV stations covering them. Obviously to prove that Victor can take care of her and impress her very judgmental sisters and mother, Victor agrees to foot the bill. Victor will soon realize that he has dug himself into a proverbial hole as his fiancées demands to grow and leave a huge dent on his wallet and possibly his well-being.

Bovi's character is strangely relatable.

Bovi’s character is strangely relatable.

Comedian Bovi Ugboma follows colleague AY by transferring his comedic talents from stage to the silver screen as this picture marks his debut feature film. Is this movie the worst love story and comedy ever told? Lets take a look at the pros and cons to find out.


  • This is without a doubt the funniest Nollywood film I have seen since Osofia in London part 1. In some my previous reviews I always mentioned that the best comedies are the ones that can consistently make you smile and make you crack your ribs when its bigger jokes come into play. This movie clearly understands that and keeps the laughs coming  at a very consistent rate. What surprises me the most about it is that even though some of its scenarios are slight exaggerations of things that happen in real life it’s surprisingly grounded. This movie jokes and writing are very sharp and they don’t rely on immature poop jokes or extremely lewd acts to get a chuckle out of the crowd.
  • I absolutely adored this movie because of its memorable characters. Whilst the film’s premise is simple one I’m happy to report that the film recognizes that great characters write the story. Our main protagonist Victor who is portrayed by Bovi is very relatable as the scruffy haired to do well local  who is not afraid to crack one or two jokes. Ini Dima-okojie turn as Nichole is layered as one minute she is cute and innocent, next minute she’s very dastardly especially when she is with her intimidating sisters (Toni Jones, Amanda Ebeye and Thelma Ezeamaka) who, like her wants everyone to be talking about the wedding. They nailed the spoilt rich kid trope without making it annoying. Her mother who is played by Shaffy Bello convincingly struts around the Hernandez mansion as a ‘bougy’ mother who is very judgmental of others and only cares about the family name.   We also have funny man Gregory Ojefua, who plays, Victor’s best friend that acts as the voice of reason to him but is also despised by Nichole, her sisters and mother. My personal favourite without a doubt Femi Durojaiye as the silent butler who gets the most laughs without uttering a single word for majority of the movie. The film is littered with great characters across the board and I’m certain you’ll like most of them.
  • Despite the film’s low budget look, I appreciate that the production values are very simple and straight to the point. The movie isn’t going to wow you with some impressive picturesque shots of Lagos to distract you from the story. This is a refreshing change as the movie relies on its substance and not its style to awe its viewers. We must give credit to the director, Aniedi Awah for taking this minimalistic approach to filmmaking.
  • Something I did not expect the movie to do is make a hilarious commentary on the wedding culture in Nigeria. With Bovi killing his bank account and sanity through getting the venue, band, performers and food he raises an interesting of whether weddings of today are actually a ceremony or if it’s a concert/party. A line of his dialogue that drives this point home is when he ask if this is a “wedding or show that we are doing. It’s as if it is Marriage unplugged”. We also see how the Hernandez girls are more interested in the publicity that the wedding will attract than the sanctity of the marriage itself as the girls are constantly planning the kind of posts they intend to put on their social media and what the blogs and the media will say about it.
Shaffy Bello as the judgmental Mrs. Hernandez

Shaffy Bello as the judgmental Mrs. Hernandez.


  • The sound quality of the film needs work. The sound isn’t consistent enough and it’s very noticeable as one minute the movie sounds too quiet and then the next minute its really loud and not in a good way. This is common occurrence in a lot Nollywood films and one area that a lot these films need to improve on.
  • Whilst a lot of the gags in the movie were very hilarious one or two of them go on too long and lose its punch during its extended sequence. Key example for me is the one where Victor is talking to the wedding planner about how he ‘knows’ the likes of Wiz Kid, Davido and Basketmouth and starts lying to her about how they don’t want to talk to her.
The Hernandez are an intimidating bunch.

The Hernandez ladies  are an intimidating bunch.

It’s Her Day is without a doubt the best Nollywood comedy movie I’ve seen this year so far and will definitely be remembered as one of the best in its genre. Despite its technical hiccups, a great performance from its excellent cast, extremely funny jokes and a solid story that is oddly relatable easily makes you forget about the films shortcomings. its worth a watch. 


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