Directed by: – Jon Lucas, Scott Moore

Produced by:- Bill Block , Suzzanne Todd

Starring: –Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Annie Mumolo , Jada Pinkett Smith, Christina Applegate

Runtime: – 100 minutes (1hr 40mins)

 Party Like a Mother.

Comedy films with a leading female cast of comedians are slowly becoming common practice in a genre that many consider to be dominated by male performers. A trend that started with Mean Girls has now evolved to films like the infamous Bridesmaids, The cheery Pitch Perfect series and the recent controversial reboot of the Ghost Busters that replaced the original cast filled with males to a female cast.

One of the funniest comedy films to come out in recent memory is indeed The Hangover. Critics claimed it was a film “with a clever script and hilarious interplay amongst the cast”. They also went on to say that it “nailed the right tone of raunchy humour, and non-stop laughs”. When it was announced that the scribes of the original film in the guise of Jon Lucas and Scott More were tasked to write and direct a comedy featuring some of the funniest women in the game like the beautiful Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn and Christina Applegate you can’t help but lick your lips in anticipation for a female comedy that has the potential to be a classic in a similar vein of their previous work. I was so excited by this movie that I almost forgot the horrible trend of putting the ‘Bad’ moniker in your title (Bad Neighbours, Bad Grandpa, Bad Santa, Bad Grandpa are just a few).

Amy , Kiki and Carla just wanna have fun

Bad Moms follows Amy Mitchell (Mila Kunis), an overworked mother of two in a loveless marriage. Between caring for her kids Dylan (Emjay Anthony) and Jane (Oona Laurence), doing her part-time job, going to PTA meetings, and just handling a bunch of things all at once, she barely has time for herself and is rarely rewarded with gratitude.

After an extremely stressful day, the straw that breaks her back happens when the PTA run by “perfect mom” Gwendolyn James (Christina Applegate) and her two lackeys Stacy (Jada Pinkett-Smith) and Vicky (Annie Mumolo) calls for an unnecessary emergency meeting with regards to a bake sale.

Gwendolyn, the perfect mom with her cronies.

Amy calls it quit and decides to avoid all forms of responsibility. Along the way she meets stay at home mom Kiki (Kristen Bell) and promiscuous single mother Carla (Kathryn Hahn) who are also extremely tired of motherhood. The three make a pact to avoid daily life and conventional responsibilities and have fun. Unfortunately Gwendolyn and her clique notice their antics and it ultimately sets them up for the ultimate showdown when Amy decides to run for PTA president to stick it to Gwendolyn. With that said, lets observe the pros and cons of this comedy.


  • The best thing about this movie is the energy between all three of these actresses, who bring such different personalities to the screen. And what a joy it is to see a movie about that sort of friendship in the middle of male-dominated summer season.
  • Adding to the previous point, I found the movie to be extremely enjoyable when our three leads were allowed to play off each other and be just as raucously and immature as the lads.
  • The movie is packed with jokes that make you giggle consistently. But I’ll admit I didn’t really get a lot of laugh out loud moments in this picture not that they aren’t absent though. However like I mentioned in a previous review its good when a comedy can consistently make one giggle rather than only make them laugh out loud in one or two scenes
  • One thing this movie did, that I didn’t think it would do was to make me as a son, sit down and reflect about the sacrifices our mothers make for their children everyday and tries to remind through it themes that we should appreciate and reward our mothers for the effort they put into taking care of us. Even though I’m not a mother I feel that mothers and young women with kids alike will be able to relate to this movie. The mid credits sequence perfectly captures this point.
The movie is at its best when we the gals get to misbehave

 The movie is at its best when we the gals get to misbehave


  • The best thing about the movie which is our lead characters interacting with one another is unfortunately not shown enough in my opinions as the movie puts a lot of its attention on Amy. The movie could have easily gotten more laughs if it focused more of its attention on the trio having fun.
  • Continuing from my previous point, I personally we don’t get to empathize with Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn’s characters as they don’t get to see their daily struggles and only see it in fleeting moments unlike Amy.
  • For a movie titled Bad Moms its ironically plays it safe in the comedy department. Whilst they drop a lot of jokes about male and female genitalia, I don’t think it pushes the envelope in terms of visuals gags like their previous Hangover films managed even though its second and third part weren’t as good as the original. I was expecting more lewd and outrageous behaviour from our characters
  • Speaking as a guy one thing I’m not particularly fond of its depiction of males especially fathers. The movie shows the fathers and other men in the movie to be irresponsible jerks at worst or a bumbling neglectful idiot at best. Yes, while its important to acknowledge the fact that men can act like that, I can’t help but feel the movie would have been infinitely better if it offered the crowd with a balanced look at parent hood.
The movie unfortunately plays it a little too safe.

 The movie unfortunately plays it a little too safe.

Bad Moms presents itself as a film that intends flip the script on domestic comedies but it  doesn’t go the distance with its premise as it plays it safe. The great cast still does more than enough to get a few good laughs out of the crowd.



Olisa Nwokedi
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